Single Prong Ergonomic Litter Picker

29.00 ex VAT


Single Prong Ergonomic Litter Picker with Magnetic Tip

This single prong ergenomic litter opicker with magnetic tip is a clean and easy way to pick up trash and dispose of it without contamination. Handy while cleaning the area around your company or school playground, this tool lets you avoid bending down every time you need to pick the litter up and saves your back. Its curved handle is very comfortable to hold in your hand even for a long time, while the high-quality operating jaws with the crinkle-cut surface ensure firm grip to litter being picked up.

  • Made from Aluminium and hard durable plastic
  • Ideal for picking up litter, cans, bottles, wastepaper etc
  • Trigger handle
  • Magnetic tip 
  • Lightweight